Young peoples mediation leaflet. WAKEFIELD OPEN DOOR PROJECT

In June 2007 a bid was approved for a pilot project called “Step In.” The project was funded initially by CLG as part of the NYHS and aimed to improve our capacity to prevent and tackle youth homelessness. In the early stages the “Step In” project provided intensive floating support to young people to help them remain within their own homes

 In January 2008 – we piloted, in partnership with Calderdale Smartmove, pre tenancy training workshops – a 6 week programme, 2 sessions per week, which included budgeting, property viewing, rights & responsibilities of tenants, being a good neighbour, ASB etc.

 In May 2008 Chantry YMCA launched their Community Host Scheme, intended as a homeless prevention service. It offered 10 bed-spaces used as emergency and longer term placements – offering young people safe supported accommodation in cases where staying at home is no longer an option.

 In Oct 2008 – Calderdale Smartmove/Chantry YMCA started to develop a presentation to take into schools to talk to pupils about the realities of homelessness. It was extremely well received and it challenged stereotypes and gave real life experience through Laura, a young women who has experienced homelessness. The presentation was given to 3 different schools across the district aimed at pupils ages from 13+ and targeted areas with high levels of youth homelessness (from P1E data etc).

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