The big lunch. FORUM HOUSING

The BIG LUNCH -19th July 2009  -Market Wells Courtyard, Market Street

 The Big Lunch is a national initiative encouraging the shared enjoyment of eating together, laughter, play, music and conversation bringing us together and for all the fact that we are so fabulously different in our outlook and experience on many things. We know a simple truth – together we are strong. So for one day we remind ourselves about all that is good about us and bring about a moment that ignites a spark!

This was exactly what we did!

We ate, drank and had loads of fun; there was face painting, badge making and lucky for us the sun was shining.

We also had a local music artist come to provide music with some individuals performing. This really got the excitement going for the day!

 Even though there were a variety of other events held on the day the Big Lunch was a real success for our community, as we had visitors from across the Wirral.

 This event was a true sign that community integration can happen and it does not necessarily need loads of cash just some real enthusiasm from all involved. 

We had 126 guests at the event including Police officers and Fire Officers and friends from Wirral TV and most importantly the public who made the day what it was.

 ‘I really enjoyed the big lunch, I think it was fun and I wish it was on a bit longer because the day went too quick’

‘Had a boss day, loved it! Need more days where the community can get together’

’I enjoyed every moment of the party, I had my face painted like a clown and it was brilliant’

‘This has inspired me to hold more events bringing the community together’

 I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone who turned up and contributed to a fantastic day.

Including the services that helped make it happen:

Merseyside Police

Forum Housing Association

Wirral Methodist Housing Association

Wirral Borough Council

 Amy Butterworth

Forum Housing Association

Flyer for event;

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